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by JavieR / February 14, 2006 / 22:51
What tha heck!!! Why was TFP down??? My humble apologizes (even when I didn't know the reasons of the downtime). Ok, I'm back from the country, and I must say that I feel more mean over here in the city that over there... Let me see, what's new around here... Ok, some new and cool 3d images. The first stuff was made by an artist called ^SnIpeR^ with 2 images, the first featuring Bender, the second features 2 brainslugs with a cool Bender in the back. I must say that these images have great quality (and great rendering), and that Bender looks amazingly shining. The second stuff in the 3D section is featured in the thumbnail of this update, featuring Fry and created by Show. That's all I have to say by the end of this update.
BTW, I almost forgot that ^SnIpeR^ has a website called Blade Bender, and the objetive is to create a fan short film featuring Bender and in the future Dr. Zoidberg!
..and Happy Valentine's Day!!! (I think this day of the calendar is not applied in all the world...)
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