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by JavieR / August 5, 2007 / 13:15
I was searching for some new stuff for the Futurama Returns! section, and I found out a very nice one. Thanks to JustNibblin', you'll have the opportunity to get the Futurama Returns! Comic, that was distributed throughout the Futrama panel audience at the San Diego Comic-Con 2007. Just go to the PEEL Thread named: The 4 Futurama Movies News Thread, search the JustNibblin' post, and play the game, if you do it right, you can read the whole comic, and believe me, is the scan of ALL the real comic. I have uploaded today in the Futurama Returns! Multimedia section, The cover of the Comic just to give you a teaser. I'll add the comic here soon... but in the meantime, go and play JustNibblin' game, is a kinda challenging, but if you're a Futurama Fan, you can do it. I've also uploaded another preview of the Comic, and advertisement of the official Futurama Products... go check that out too (I want one of those t-shirts!!)
I'm gonna sleep now, is 03H45 (GMT -5) around here, I just couldn't sleep without letting you know about this :)
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