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by JavieR / August 21, 2007 / 09:35
Blue Zoidberg exclusive at Wizard Universe ...including me, that's why I really need to inform you about this fantastic news. The release of the ToyFare Futurama Series 1: Dr. Zoidberg 'Universe 1 Parabox' (from the episode "The Farnsworth Parabox") was made a few days ago, this figure can be bought exclusively at Wizard Entertainment's Store, and it's limited to 3000 units, so I really need to have one of those. The official description (and a exclusive photo) of the product is over here:

“What's the only thing better than Zoidberg? Two Zoidbergs! When Dr. Zoidberg goes through Farnsworth's Parabox and finds himself in Universe 1 (instead of the correct universe, Universe A), he and his blue doppelganger decide to steal the box so they can hang out together. Now you can recreate that famous twosome as well as the box that brought them together!”

I'm a little worried... I can't buy the figure because is not being shipped to Ecuador, so I really hope that the people at Wizard Universe can make an exception and send me that Zoidberg figure over here, I would really appreciate that. What are you waiting for, get your Blue Zoidberg right now while is hot...
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