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by JavieR / August 30, 2007 / 18:00
futurama the fry who snu-snued me by rocketdave I think I forgot to update TFP yesterday, that's why I'll do it today. This update has many stuff from many artists, so get ready. First, I've some fanart from punxdude that features this time Bender enjoying electricity from the episode "01ACV09 - Hell Is Other Robots". Second, even more great fanart, created by rocketdave. He created two parodies, one of called "The Fry who Snu-Snued me", and the other called "There's Something About Leela". I've to go now, but I'll be around.

I almost forgot, the the first movie, Bender's Big Score is in Preorder at Amazon at only $17,99 (before $19,99 USD), so we have to be sure to buy (or preorder today) the DVD to get back the series!.

The official cover was also released and you can see it in the Futurama Returns: Movies section, you can check out there a bigger version (just click on the zoom image link under the cover). This cover (featured on this update as you can see) and also the format of the movie was also updated at FoxStore, finally the with the previously announced Widescreen.

There's nothing more to report for the moment, but be sure to comeback soon.

I forgot to say that this past august 22th it was my birthday. I tried to add something cool here for that occation but I was busy with some work that is not yet done. I'm creating a very cool Futurama Wallpaper because of the return of The series, you'll have to see it to believe it.
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