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by JavieR / November 9, 2007 / 11:04
Candy Cane Leela by Palmbeacher Sorry is not enough for the many days TFP was not updated, I've been backing up and re-installing Mocosoft Windows in my PC, and, I've been worried because I've not advanced in the stuff I have to finish... is like a torment to do or not to do that stuff. Now, I know I've a lot to update, so I have to start ASAP. First, the mega fanfic by coldangel_1, his final fanfic, Blame It to The Brain. Now, this is a very long and strong fanfic, so I've added this one as Part 1 and Part 2... enjoy it, because I've not read it completely yet (but I'll try to do it). Next, 2 new images by Lee Roberts featuring one the New Justice League, and the other a funny image of Dr. Zoidberg eating a Fry, Leela and Bender sandwich. Another artist that is around here once again is the great Palmbeacher with 2 new sexy Leela images. One as Miss Leela Clause, the other as a Candy Cane... read my words, you don't wanna miss those 2 cool arts. I'll be updating some delayed stuff tomorrow and in the next days. In other news, I got my Fry and Zoidberg Toynami figures... great stuff, fortunately, a movie store here brought the figures so I didn't have to pay for a expensive shipping, I may get Leela and Zapp in the same way :).
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