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by JavieR / November 14, 2007 / 19:01
Hello once again everyone (is almost midnight here, but it is still November 14th). I'm back, but today I've found a great interview by Scott Weinberg from cinematical.com where he talks with Claudia Katz (producer of the Futurama movies and TV series), Dwayne Carey-Hill (director the Futurama movies one and three) and Peter Avanzino (director the Futurama movies two and four), about the new Futurama Movies and the return of the series regarding Rough Draft Studios (where Futurama is made, in case you didn't know). Some of the highlighs:

Dwayne Carey-Hill: [...] there was the feeling that when doing these DVDs that we should push what we had done even further. We managed to bring back about a third of the old crew and the new people have proved to be great artists as well

Claudia Katz: The first DVD will be released November 27, 2007. [...] I believe Spring 2008 is when the second should hit stores. Regarding the theatrical release, I am that dreamer! I think in many ways, okay, in every way, Futurama is incredibly well suited for features.

Claudia Katz: [...] We're trying to evolve from pretty to beautiful. There are definitely some more great 3-D sequences, perhaps the best Futurama space battle ever

You can go to the Futurama Returns! News section to read some more complete highlighs, or go directly to the interview.

In other news, if you want to have the First Futurama Movie: Bender's Big Score, you have two websites giving them away if you're a real fan (and ONLY if you live in USA). The first one is from a CGEF Contest that ends (today?). The second one is from a TV Squad contest.
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