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by JavieR / December 21, 2008 / 17:42
You maybe noticed the change this morning, and well, it was time for a change.. the past layout (now in the Past Designs section) was great, but I wanted a fresh start in 2009 (fresh = green). Let's begin with the features I've added to this new design:
  • New slide show at the top of the site. You'll find there, the more important TFP news, info about the new movies and interesting news that need to be noticed in all the sections
  • You can choose, fixed or wide design... change it anytime with 2 small grey buttons, at the top left of the content box.
  • You can now show/hide the main sections of the site clicking over the headers (info, media, budds...) if you're short in space, or if you just don't wanna see something (the header will turn gray)
  • 3 Top Buttons for quick access to the futurama news, movies and rss sections of the site.
I've yet to change the design of the Share Item and Go to Article buttons of each news item, and I'll change the design of the guestbook very soon. If you want to suggest something about the design, colors, or if you notice any error, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

It should be rendering fine in Firefox, IE7, IE6, Opera 9 and Safari.. please let me know if you're having issues because I've only Windows to check for those issues. The reason why the design is not in CSS only is because of IE6 and because many of the sections are very old and I've to change those ones to CSS too (and that's a lot of work right now).

Well, that's all, enjoy it, and sorry, no Xmas Layout this time.. but I'll add a new xmas wallpaper very soon, so stay tuned.
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