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by JavieR / January 25, 2009 / 21:04
Mad Leela and Fat Zapp by mr35mm Hello again people. I've been sick this weekend.. a hell of a flu with fever and all the other discomforts, but I'm kinda better now, so is time to update TFP.

Is time to present a new artist around here, from Argentina, please welcome mr35mm. I've uploaded five or his images, featuring Leela and Fry in a shippy pic, talking about shippy, there's another featuring Amy and Kif. The other fanarts include Fry and Bender, Amy surfing and the one featured today with Zapp and Leela... all of them have an interesting style that you should not miss.

In other news, there's already another early review of the last Futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder (Blu-Ray), this time from the people of DVDActive.com. According to them, the movie is second after Bender's Big Score.. and they say the rating is 7/10.. over there, you'll find many many spoiers and info about the extras, so be sure to visit the DVDActive.com article.

BTW, I just say that IGN made a Top 100 of all the Animated Series.. well, Futurama is #8 from 100 cartoons.. be sure to check out the whole IGN Top 100.
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