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by JavieR / February 24, 2009 / 23:59
The Future of Futurama... I just found a very interesting article from MovieWeb.com, where Brian Gallagher interviewed Matt Groening and David X Cohen, and they said some very interesting stuff about a possible (not official yet) new Season 6. The highlights:

Are there stories still floating around if they do decide to pick up more?

David X. Cohen: I have, in my mind, what will happen next, if we're back. We're ready. This question, I'm sure, is on all the fan's minds, if this is the last one or not, but, the good news is, we have not gotten a "no" yet. [..] it is under consideration [..] It's quite possible that we could be back, but I just don't know. [..] I am sure they (FOX) are keeping a careful eye on these numbers (DVD Sales), so we do have to hock these DVD's and get the fans out there. [..]
At this point, we were going to rotate when we hear...

So do you think this will actually be like a Family Guy, where you can get it back on the air?

Matt Groening: We don't know. We're talking with Fox about doing more episodes and I hope we can. Just looking at the numbers, it seems to make sense. They're making money.

Should we tell fans to send anything to Fox?

Matt Groening: No, no, no. You know, the first time Futurama went away, the fans were unbelievable. We had a petition that was (~)140,000 names that was delivered to Fox. [..] It just took awhile for them to realize that there was more to be done with Futurama.

So, there is some very nice onformation about the future of Futurama... they are negotiating, but I think a big deal has to do with it the Movie sales.. Something we all can help by buying Into the Wild Green Yonder and the previous Movies.

In the article, Brian also talked with Lauren Tom, Maurice LaMarche, Billy West and Phil LaMarr about the movies, their work in Futurama and what they think if Futurama returns again, please visit the Go Beyond Futurama MovieWeb.com article for that neat information.
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