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by JavieR / June 12, 2009 / 16:45
Ok, we can all breath again.. just in case, is true.. Futurama is back on Comedy Central in 2010.

Today I'm gonna start with a new fanfiction created by MoonDay, the history is called Barking Mad: Fry and Bender are watching TV when they catch a strange broadcast calling for furry showers! More happens when they learn that this is the work of an evil canine ruler named Rufus who rules a planet called Bonevald.

Self Portrait by wolich22The fanart is here today thanks to wolich22 and I've added many heads-in-a-jar today, 5 exactly. The images feature herself in two versions of her auto portrait, and the heads-in-a-jar of some deviants (her best friend scarlett, tdx and wamid)

One of the reasons why I always wanted more and more fans creating Futurama fan stuff was because I didn't want to see Futurama die. I always created some stuff or supported the fans that wanted to contribute to Futurama and TFP.. I had the feeling that if more people supported Futurama sending a fanfic, fanart or anything Futurama related, I can show everyone that we love that show.. and all those years worth it!

Thanks a lot for supporting Futurama, supporting The Futurama Point :) and suporting all the other Futurama websites around!
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