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by JavieR / June 14, 2009 / 23:09
Still trilled because Futurama is back? So am I, that's why I've been searching the web a lot about Futurama, and I found an article from Underwire (from Wired.com) where they talk about some of the ideas that could be added in the future Futurama Season 6.

The ideas that David X Cohen has, are about the new tecnologies that we have now (and the geek stuff used today), compared with the start of the series in 1999: "I keep thinking of the insidious possibilities of the iPhone [..] Or the sinister possibilities of Twitter, and so forth". He also says that there's at least one "shocking sexual relationship" in the future episodes. For more info please visit the original underwire article.

Leela attacks a muck leach by Mike Jessen (Kaspired)Since I always add news backwards, is time for some new fanart by the talented Mike Jessen (Kaspired) with 7 new images that feature varied characters.. Leela in a sexy gym outfit, a cool art trade with Wolich22 portrait, 3 girls (Leela, Amy and LaBarbara), another Keeler Crater image featuring Amy, Leela, Marge, Edna Krabappel and LaBarbara topless (but backwards).. Leela, Fry and Bender using masks (referring to the AH1N1), another sexy plane art featuring Amy this time, and finally a pic of Leela attacking the muck leech from Into the Wild Green Yonder movie (featured today). Enjoy!
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