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by JavieR / June 22, 2009 / 17:13
Universe 1 Fry and Leela Toynami exclusives in the San Diego Comic Con 2009Thanks to a post by deanobot from the KidRobot.com Forum, it seems that the next exclusive Futurama Toynami figures in the Next San Diego Comic Con are Universe 1 Fry and Universe 1 Leela, both limited to 2,000 pcs.

This is great news in one way because we already have the exclusive Universe 1 figures of Glorious Golden Bender (SDCC exclusive, 2006) and Blue Zoidberg (ToyFare exclusive, 2007) ..so if you have those two (I only have the Blue Zoidberg) you can add more Futurama Universe 1 figures to your collection.

Toynami had a clever idea.. they are repainting the original Fry and Leela figures of course, but by doing that, they don't have to sculpt new figures (that makes them cheaper to create).. regardless that move, it makes you wanna have them because is part of the alternate Universe 1 exclusive collection.

I don't like the acessories though, because those are also the same than the original ones, according to the preview. Leela 1 should have a Diamond Scrunchie and Fry 1 perhaps something else, but not the holophone again (maybe some Bachelor Chow!). Please don't forget to check the original KidRobot.com post.
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