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by JavieR / August 8, 2009 / 01:13
Hi, and thanks for wating. I've to say that I will not be online until this monday in the afternoon.. just in case you wonder why I didn't update TFP this weekend.

Futurama comic cover test (Leela) by FuturamaFreak1I'm gonna start with one recent but neat artist around here, I'm talking about FuturamaFreak1. You'll find today 8 new of his fanarts, including:
Leela in a sexy poses, a simple one.. and the other over the lab table (the professor's table I assume), Leela fighting with Yivo's tentacles, Zoidberg wrestling with Leela, Fry with Leela and Bender celebreting the Futurama Madhouse 10th Brithday (I forgot to say Happy Birthday TM:TLZ), Leela flying with Fry using waist jetpacks, a neat and great image of Fry and Leela making love (is not the same than sex) with the colaboration of El-Man... finally, a test cover comic with Leela that I added to the fanart page because is not the real comic that FuturamaFreak1 is developing.

In other news, please check out this TVSquad.com article with Katey Sagal (Leela) talking about the Futurama recast and about the new work with Futurama. And in case you didn't know, according to Maurice LaMarche (Kif), the new Futurama script of the 1st episode of the season 6 (6acv01) written by Matt Groening and David X Cohen was "hilarious, & strangely touching" according to his Facebook status, and he added: "You guys are gonna LOVE this episode in nine or ten months! What a fantastic way to get back into Futurama, The Series!"

2 photos of the Futurama table reading were posted by Maurice LaMarche also at his facebook page (I can't add them here since is his personal profile). Clool.

(Robot) Hell, I can wait.. but at the same time, I can't wait!
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