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by JavieR / February 8, 2010 / 21:24
Comic: After Rehearsal by MissusPatchesAfter a series of interesting Futurama news (see the previous posts) is time for a neat update featuring the fan stuff! I was supposed to add this about a week ago, but between the news and my lazyness.. well. Please welcome back MissusPatches and her last comic called After Rehearsal. The single long image contains the history of the Robot Devil and his crush on Leela.. is a very cool comic with nice shadings and story, so be sure to check it out!

I've also added one fanart my MissusPatches, this time featuring a situation between Mom and Tinny Tim (it was a collaboration with Kaspired, he drew the image and Missus coloured it). It has the neat shadings and colors that MissusPatches uses, and is a comic situation with Mom sitting over poor Tinny Tim.

And finally, after a few years, Brennan Young reminded me that I haven't added any Futurama Framegrabs... and is true, I stopped at season 1. That why today I've added framegrabs of the 3 first episodes of Season 2 (I& Second that Emotion, Brannigan Begin Again, A Head in the Polls), with 100 high quality images each for all of you to enjoy.. so, enjoy! (and I'll try to add more to catch up after 10 years lol)
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