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by JavieR / February 11, 2010 / 20:58
Fryscape (fanfic) promo by Kaspired (for Red_Line)Hi everyone. Time for another fan update! Today I'm very glad to add an excellent Futurama fanfic. It was created by Red_Line (Tim) for the 2009 TSFFC writing competition where it took the 1st place, I'm talking about the Fryscape: "The Planet Express crew are in for a busy night when an incident with a package causes Fry to leave a trail of duplicity and confusion".

The surprise is not only this neat fanfic, but also that Kaspired (Mike Jessen) created a promo image for this story (img featured today), but wait, the real surprise is that Kaspired colored the fanart, something the author of the fanfic doesn't know until he reads this!

The other artist here with new fanart is the dear Sof-Sof. I've added her last 5 images, featuring 2 pics of Leela and Bender as a couple (called Leeler), also couples like Zapp and Leela, the classic Leela and Fry, and a B&W that features the song Bad Apple by Touhou. Enjoy!

More fanart and fanfics are coming in a very near future, way earlier than the future episodes of Futurama. BTW, this reminds me that there's a neat article called Futurama Cast News Round-Up where you can find a nice summary of the recent news of Futurama seanson 6.
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