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by JavieR / February 20, 2010 / 21:02
Time to say hi to a new artist over here. You already know his name, casebasket, but I bet you have not seen his amazing fanart. I've added today 3 images to the fanart section of TFP. One is a sketch of a Bender close-up.. the other 2 I can guaranty you'll instantly love. One of those images features Bender holding his martini, but the coloring of the image is amazing, very metallic, and if you take a closer look to the number of lines it took to do that, your mind will blow up!. The 3rd and last image features Fry holding his right sock, and he is holding it like a puppet, very funny, and it has the great neat coloring efect too!

Martini time Bender (Fanart) by casebasket Fry's right sock (Wallpapers) by casebasket

In fact, these 2 last images are so awesome, that you can have them as wallpapers too. Like you read me, you can have them on your desktop, and in the highest resolutions available. You'll find the 1600x1200 (Fullscreen 4:3), 1920x1200 (Widescreen 19:10) and the 1920x1080 (Widescreen Full HD 16:9).
I've also added an extra big resolution for you guys with extremely big screens (I'm a bit jealous, is true!). A resolution of 2650x1600 (Wide Quad 16:10) is also available.

 BTW, by the time I'm writing this (02H14), by a coincidence, it is also casebasket's birthday, so Happy Birthday!!
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