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by JavieR / February 25, 2010 / 21:50
Well, when one great artist works with another great artist, amazing stuff happens, and is even better if the theme of the art is Futurama's Leela! That's why today I decided to feature this image of Leela sitting in a deathball.. ball (thereby called: Leela's Deathball) that was created by FuturamaFreak1 (Freako) a few months earlier. As you can see in the thumbnail, it has now some great coloring created by El-Man, another Futurama fanartist.

Deathball Leela (recolour) by FuturamaFreak1 + El-Man

Fry's Daydream by FuturamaFreak1I've also added some other fanart created by Freako (that I don't know why I didn't upload earlier). 2 images that where meant to be wallpapers but I forgot to ask for higher resolutions called: Leela Chest Rub and Leela Face Rub and by the name of the 1rst one, you noticed that is a kinda sexy one (I'll add them as wallpapers later). The other fanart by Freako that I forgot to add, is a promotional image of Futurama called Fry's Daydeam (featured today too) that is very very funny.

About FuturamaFreak1's upcoming comic, is a neat one called "The Surrogate Mutant" and it will be available in the main Futurama websites soon. You can find some neat previews at his PEEL thread!
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