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by JavieR / March 6, 2010 / 23:23
Hi everyone. I think we are still excited because new Futurama will appear in about 3 months, that's why you'll see a countdown in the right side of this site, over there --->

The Kiss (w/ Fry and Leela) by Kaspired (Mike Jessen)Is time for some sweet sweet fanart, this time with 2 artist you already know. The first one is Kaspired (Mike Jessen), and I believe I forgot to add some of his fanarts (sorry Mike). The image featured is a parody of the painting called "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt featuring of course Leela and Fry instead. This image is very very well done and is truly a real painting. I've also added other 4 images like a chorus line headed by Zoidberg (along with Zapp, Kiff, Scruffy, Fry and the Professor), Amy and Leela vs The Odd Parents, and 2 other images that feature Granny Turanga (sweet old lady) and Granny Amy (crazy committed nut) that could be either interesting or shocking for you.. there's only one way to find out...

Nibblerina (w/ Fry and Leela pets) by Fer GaliciaThe other fan-artist today is Fer Galicia, and I've added 5 images he created. The first 2 images features the sketch and the color version of a commision he made that features Amy and Leela in bikini. The second 2 images are sketch cards of a very sexy Amy Wong and a sexy Turanga Leela. The final image (featured) shows Nibblerina with her nibbler-like-pets Fry and Leela.. that is an interesting idea of switching pets and humans.. or something like that.
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