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by JavieR / March 10, 2010 / 11:34
Bender the Snowbot by MissusPatchesHi everyone, I'm back from 2-3 days of heavy work but now I've more spare time. Like the title suggests, is time to see some photos from the fans, of course, Futurama related. The first photos in the Photorama section are from MissusPatches, with 2 images of Bender the Snowbot. She created a Bender with snow, and it looks very good!

Wood & Paper Futurama fans by KaspiredThe other photos here today are courtesy of Kaspired (Mike Jessen). He created some interesting Futurama handwork. The first stuff he made is 2 different kind of hand-held fans, one is made of paper (+ wood) and the other is made of wood sticks, both featuring the Futurama main characters (there's also other photo with both hand-held fans). The other clool stuff he made is a puzzle with the same image, that it was featured in the fan letters page of FuturamaFreak1's latest comic.

Perhaps you noticed a small change in the news layout. In the bottom left of each update, you'll now find the Go To Article button, and in the bottom right you'll still find the Share it! button, but more minimalist and only with the AddThis icon. The title of each news entry is now bigger and you can also click on it and go to that specific news (like the Go To Article button). These changes where made because I noticed many people link a specific news with the main page and not with the specific news URL.
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