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by JavieR / March 22, 2010 / 23:14
Brain Spawn (Brain Freeze) by MissusPatchesThis sounds great. The great MissusPatches (creator of many fanart images and comics) decided to start a project called Futurama Character Countdown (FCC). The FCC project aims to create a different character each day until the start of the new Season 6... that's why today I've uploaded her first 5 fanarts about those characters, featuring the Trisolians (from episode "My Tree Suns" + a very funny image), Mrs. Mellinger (Fry and Robot Devil's holophonor teacher from "The Devil hands are Idle Playthings"), Countless de la Roca, the Native Martians and the image featured today, the Brain Spawn (this one with a Brain freeze)... Officer-1BDI said at deviantART: "I learned something today: brain spawn can actually be cute" and I can agree with that!

Amy & Zoidberg / Malfunctioning Eddie (Meatbag Edition) by MissusPatchesOf course that's not all, I've also added other images she made. This one is called the Futurama Pairings Palooza and is a single big image featuring many different couples, like Tinny Tim and Sally, Amy and Zoidberg (featured), Leela and Bender, Morbo and Linda and many more... some very cute, others very wrong. The last 3 images (yes, this is a big update about Missus) feature 3 robot characters in a meatbag edition, another neat idea she came up with. You'll see Malfunctioning Eddie (featured), Fanny (from Into the Wild Green Yonder) and Calculon, all of them with interesting versions if they were humans.

That's all for today, please take a look at the images, there's a lot of neat stuff created by Missus that you don't wanna miss, trust me!
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