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by JavieR / April 3, 2010 / 01:00
Hi people.. You've to understand that sometimes I'm busy with my work, that's why you didn't see many updates this week. Today I've some neat stuff for you.. starting with some clool Futurama Blobs Icons originally drawn by gotbob and then transformed to Windows + Mac icons by myself, JavieR. You'll find a lot of characters, about 29 different ones, including all the Planet Express crew and Ship, URL and Smithy, Mom, Morbo and Linda, Lrr and Ndnd + many other characters.

Futurama Blobs Icnos by gotbob + JavieR (javoec)

Wonder if this actually works (bender vs. Spock) by amanda-jI've to say that I've a big delay with the fanart from other artists.. I want to add some images today, starting with 2 fanarts by Vickram101 featuring Bender-vision and other of Himself with Fry. Another artist that returns over here is Leela's Loyal Slave with a new image of Leela in a peculiar style called: "Seductive little Miss Leela". The last fanart of the day is thanks to amanda-j with an image of Spock fighting Bender from the neat episode "Where not fan has gone before". Have fun!
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