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by JavieR / April 5, 2010 / 23:18
Ultra Amy comic cover by Gulliver63Is time to ad many Futurama fanart for you to enjoy. Lets start with 14 new images.. yes 14 new images by Gulliver63. He created many different Futurama parallel universes, inspired by The Farnsworth Parabox episode. The fanart features an real evil universe, some images of the Liliput universe where Amy and Leela are the big people, there's also a cyclops universe where Leela is very happy, like a Rock Band from 1983... other 3 are the Naga, Waterworld and Dune universes, each one with interesting situations. Many others are parodies of the Futurama characters mixed wit Gilligan's Island, Simbad, Jack (Fry) and the Beanstalk, Avatar and others. There's also an original character called Ray Ray Johnson (1 body, 2 heads).

Ahh Fangirls (+ fembots) can dream by Sof-SofThe other fanartis of the day is the dear Sof-Sof. I've added 5 or her latest images, including 2 of them from the Character Countdown Project by MissusPatches that I mentioned earlier, those 2 ones feature the Brainspawn and the Brain Slugs. The other 3 images feature a fembot fangirl stalking Bender, Fry telling Leela to leave him, and the last one of Fry and Leela parodying the an anime called Umineko no Naku Koro ni
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