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by JavieR / April 12, 2010 / 17:24
Hood Ornaments (Sexy Leela + XL Package) by KaspiredHello people. Is time for a new update after a crazy weekend. I'm going to start with a well known artist around here, you know him as Kaspired (or Mike Jessen) and I've 5 new images for you today, featuring some interesting characters. He created 3 images featuring minor Futurama characters for the Futurama Countdown Project by MissusPatches, including Dr Perceptron, the Chief Martian and the Planet Express ship with 2 ornaments: The LX package ornament + A very sexy Leela (a must feature of today). The other 2 images are kinda interesting and feature Amy, one as Mifretete (an Egypt statue) + the other that is a very surreal one called "Deep End"

Protection (Kif and Amy) by AlsizaI've some more fanart for today. First, a fanart by Alsiza that looks very good (a interesting + different style), it features Kif protecting Amy with a laser gun from some wierd tentacles. The last artist of the day is Leela's Loyal Slave with a crossover image of Leela and and Phineas from Family of the Future. I guess that's all for today, I'll try to update more often this week, but everything depends of my work...
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