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by JavieR / May 3, 2010 / 00:37
Screen Suker Zoidberg wallpaper by Freako (FuturamaFreak1)I'm really sorry for the lack of updates.. I'm as lazy as Scruffy + I've stuf to do. I'm going to start with a neat new Wallpaper created a few days ago by Freako or FuturamaFreak1 that features Dr. Zoidberg sucking a glass previously with food from the Emmy winning episode "Roswell That Ends Well". This one is available in the Widscreen 1680x1050 and Widescreen HD 1680x945 screen resolutions for your enjoyment.. so enjoy (although the image situation is not very enjoyable)

Land of the Giants a Rama by Gulliver83I've some new fanart for you to check out too. Created by Gulliver63, I've added today 10 images he created, featuring different parodies like James Bond and Bounty Hunters, interesting parabox universes like the Amazonian Universe, Superhero Universe, and an evil universe with "Evil Express". There's also his concept of the Lilliput universe that includes 2 nice sketches and one with all the crew and a giant can of Mom's Old Fashioned Robot Oil. Finally, 2 sketches featuring Leela with an energy been, and Amy wearing Sandals (very nice in my opinion).
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