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by JavieR / May 5, 2010 / 16:20
Check it out. Comedy central Insider has released the very first real image (framegrab) of Futurama New Season 6 + A new sketch that will appear in the Rebirth episode. Click on the thumbs for the full size images:

Futurama episode 6acv01: Rebirth (Crew Skeletons) Futurama episode 6acv01: Birthing Device sketch by Matt Groening

The first one is the colored version of the "dead" Futurama Crew from the first 3 minutes of footage previously added to this site (presented at the Florida Animation Supercon last year by David X. Cohen). Something that worries me is the 4:3 format instead of the Widescreen 16:9. We did knew that the format of the new Season will be widescreen.. I hope that info is not wrong. Some people say that maybe this image is a joke but I don't think CC Insider would add something fake to the official Comedy Central site.. they said that they will be adding more Futurama stuff from the new seasons.

The second image added on May 6, 2010 is a Birthing device sketch designed by Matt Groening (and neatly cleaned up by a Futurama staff artist) that will appear in episode "6acv01 - Rebirth". The size of the devide is huge, check out the size comparison with Fry! I assume this machine will be used to revive the rest of the Planet Express crew as shown in the first image (tip: look at the bottles in the 2nd image, those are the same that the ones in the 1st image).

If you didn't know neither, you can also ask your questions to the Creators and Voice Cast of Futurama in a news entry from Comedy Central Insider. Some of the interesting questions I found:
  • Joshua: What would happen if you had two ships with the same sort of propulsion as the Planet Express Ship (the ship stays still and moves the universe around it) moving in opposite directions at the same time?
  • Brian: Will Kif & Leela's offspring be brought back into the show? …if not, than what kind of unofficial adventures would you figure their children would have?
  • Alexander: The noise you hear when someone puts the smell-o-scope in their nostrils: how did you guys create it?
  • (new) Cayetana: During the new seasons, will we find out why Nibbler called Leela 'the other' in 'The Why of Fry'?
  • (new) Anders: And are you ever going to make the Gangs of New New York episode?
I made a question too: Are there plans to convert the whole first 72 episodes to HD (I've read that some anime is being converted to HD, not Wide but with HD quality)? If not, when could we get the 2 first movies in Blu-Ray?

Source: Comedy Central Insider and also Comedy Central Insider =D
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