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by JavieR / June 16, 2010 / 23:07
Hello, I'm glad to find the name of one of the last Futurama episodes of (Production) Season 6, 6acv24 - Cold Warriors. The photo (click to enlarge):

Script Cover of 6acv24 - Cold Warrirors (Futurama Season 6)

The photo was added by David Gedge (@weddingpresent). Quoting Wikipedia: "He is the main songwriter and vocalist in the bands The Wedding Present, and Cinerama", and as you can see, the script is dedicated to him. According to a tweet by Mike Fennelly (@MikeFennelly) that assisted to the table read too, the writer of this episode is Dan Vebber.

This episode will appear in broadcast Season 7, but is part of production 6acv. Cold Warriors could be a reference to a Cold Warrior... "is a phrase used to describe the men and women involved in the shaping and executing of American and Soviet policy during the Cold War". Of course, that's only is my opinion.. I don't even believe myself sometimes.. but it could be fun.

SOURCE: weddingpresent @ Twitpic
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