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by JavieR / July 12, 2010 / 18:19
Futurama Season 6 Cable Ratings (first 4 episodes)As we know, 4 episodes of the new Futurama Season 6 have aired at Comedy Central since June 24th, 2010 @ 10pm/9c, and so far, these are the Cable Ratings of those episodes:
As you can see, it seems that Futurama has settled with 2 million viewers. According to some sources, the rating settles in the 3rd episode of a season, in this case, it should be 2.1 million viewers. The hype of the premiere of Season 6 (2.9 million viewers) ended as the 2nd best one for Comedy Central on Thursdays (just behind South Park)

In the last episode aired this past Thursday, Futurama got only 2 million viewers, but it was the same night than "LeBron James: The Decision" with 9.948 million viewers, so I blame LeBron, because episode Proposition Infinity was even better than Attack of the Killer App in my opinion.

I believe the 2 million viewers barrier that can be broken. even with the LeBron special that night, Futurama managed to keep strong. Now, I've seen many old fans complaining about the silly jokes, out of character performances, so-so voice acting, "not like old futurama" statements.. all that is not helping, you've to let the series experiment a little, expand the horizons and reach more audiences. I know is a smart comedy, but as we all know, Futurama grows in you with time, because all of the secondary or hidden jokes that you've to discover on each repeat. Stop being radicals and enjoy the New Futurama after all these years.

With 2 millions viewers every Thursday at 10 pm, and even more if we can promote the new season more, there's a chance that Comedy Central can pick up a new season after the 26 episodes (remember, half of Season 6 will air in 2011). I would like to hear that after the first 12 episodes air this 2010, Comedy Central already decided to order new Futurama episodes... I believe that's the main objective!

Source: TV by the Numbers, Comedy Central Press, Toon Zone
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