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by JavieR / July 16, 2010 / 22:03
Hello. Is nice to hear some good news, and as we speak, TVbytheNumbers.com posted Thursday's Cable Ratings giving the last Futurama episode that aired that day, 6acv05 - The Duh Vinci Code, 2.204 million viewers, that's 200,000 more viewers than last week. Futurama was the 3rd most watched show at 10pm/9c on Thursdays after Burn Notice and Royal Pains.

Futurama cable ratings of 6acv05 - The Duh Vinci Code
Dr. Zoidberg: "My doctorate is in art history"

This is kinda interesting, because with the last 2 episodes aired "6acv04 - Proposition Infinity" and "6acv05 - The Duh Vinci Code", Futurama is feeling better. Hoepfully the next episodes will also have the familiar Futurama feeling. I believe Futurama will stay in the 2.2 million viewers and even stronger if we keep getting nice episodes like the last one. Don't forget to always watch Futurama.. Thursdays at 10pm/9c on Comedy Central (and later at the West Coast).

Source: TV by the Numbers
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