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by JavieR / July 25, 2010 / 19:09
Hello everyone. I was not around this past Saturday, and it was the day the Futurama Panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 (SDCC 2010). However, the great guys from Comedy Central Insider, UGO and other sources posted some great info about what was mentioned over there [WARNING: SPOILERS]

This news entry will be updated if I find more info and spoilers from the Futurama panel...
  • They showed a video clip from the upcoming episode "6acv07 - The Late Philip j. Fry" featuring Leela and Hermes running Planet Express in the year 2030, Cubert comforting Leela because Fry disappeared and Zoidberg hanging around Planet Express even when he was fired a long time ago.
  • This great image of the old versions of Leela and Dr. Zoidberg (click for full size) that is obviously related to the clip mentioned. The videos from the newer episodes will be available since this Monday on Comedy Central website:
    Old Leela and Zoidberg
  • The Professor and Amy will switch bodies in one of the new episodes.
  • About the Tales of Interest episode format, there will be two episodes following that format.. but not exactly Tales of Interest (without the Wat If machine). One is the 2010 Xmas episode special, and the other is episode 6acv25, I believe, where Futurama will be animated in 3 different styles.
  • The people behind Guinness World Records awarded the cast and crew of Futurama the world record for current most critically acclaimed animated series.
  • Another clip was shown featuring the Planet Express crew going to Comic-Con 2010. This episode is one final ones produced (I think...), and will feature Matt Groening and David X. Cohen (as head-in-a-jar characters)
    The Futurama crew at the Comic-Con 3010
  • There was table read of the beginning of an upcoming episode from the ones that will air in 2011. The episode is called "Benderama" and is the episode where Bender multiplies himself many many times.

  • The video clip of Zoidberg kissing Profesor Farnsworth was also shown (according to CrystalMask) and she said Zoidberg throws himself on top of the Profesor to make out.
  • The Fry & Leela relationship will be featured again in upcoming episodes (good news for the shippers out there)
  • The upcoming episode "6acv07 - The Late Philip J. Fry" about "The Professor inventing a one-way time machine" was one of the episodes Matt wanted to create since the beginning of the series (Remember that when Futurama started, the writes couldn't create scripts with Time Travel, but that was overriden in future episodes like "Roswell that ends well")

I would like to end this entry with some awesome words from the creator of Futurama that really mean a lot for all of us:

"Without the Futurama fans, without their chronic and constant support, we would have given up."
~ Matt Groening

Source: Comedy Central Insider, UGO.com, TwitPic @ Comedy Central, CrystalMask at DeviantArt
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