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by JavieR / January 4, 2011 / 00:10
Hello. This is (was supposed to be) the last update of the year 2010 the first update of 2011, but I think 2010 has been one of the best for Futurama in a long time, since the series finally returned to TV after the Fans worked so hard by not giving up and by buying Futurama stuff around the world. Even with problems, like the voice actors "re-cast" (and because of that, none of them appeared at the SDCC 2010) that was finally solved, Futurama is now alive, at least until 2011.

Doomsville (old versions of the characters) by TheFightingMongoosesI've some neat stuff for you from some of the fans that made Futurama survive all these years. I would like to start with TheFightingMongooses and 5 of his fanarts. This time, you'll find some great images, like an epic image of Bender, Fry and Leela confronting the tornadoes from episode "6acv04 - Proposition Infinity", Bender the mystery tracer, a cute Zoidberg, an old version of Zapp Brannigan from the first Futurama sketches, and finally, a poster featuring the old versions of the characters from all the sketches made to conceive the ones we love today in a poster called "Doomsville".

Fry (What's up?) by SuperPrincessPinkYou can also check out 6 new images by a girl named SuperPrincessPink, with fanart that features her classic double-headed Fry in different situations like sleeping, Fry sad in jail, Fry sleeping, a drawing of Leela, Bender, Nibbler and 2 headed Fry and a cute Fry smiling.

The last one of today is Leela's Loyal Slave with a Leela holding Flik from "A Bug's Life" because he says that Leela loves every living creature... which he guess would include Bugs!
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