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by JavieR / January 10, 2011 / 23:01
Fry and Leela love by Nightmare-from-HellIs this the time when I've a little more time and I can update TFP... well.. yes! It's even better when you add new fanart from a new artist that loves the series like we do. Please give a big welcome to Nightmare-from-Hell. She has created some neat Futurama images, some of them are very shippy ones, so you'll find 2 chibi versions of Fry and Leela... one with Leela saaving Fry and the other as a cute couple. There's also a chibi Leela alone (Sugary Lil' Leela), a Halloween pic of Leela and Zoidberg as zombies.. and Zoidberg is eating Amy's arm. Finally, the pic featured looks awesome and is a true shippy love image of Fry and Leela in an awesome style.

Time will stand still by Tastes-Like-FryAnother artist from tonight is Tastes-Like-Fry and features a funny image from one of the best Futurama episodes in my opinion.. "Time keeps on Slippin'". The image is from the moment that Fry offers his "time shelter" to Leela and the quote from Fry: "When we're together in here baby... time will stand still". Finally, we have a naughty fanart from Misty Waters, featuring Leela spanking Fry because he has been a bad delivery boy. Have fun!
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