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by JavieR / January 25, 2011 / 23:21
Absolut (Leela) by TheFightingMongoosesI'm back everyone, and I've nice stuff for you today. First, I wanna start with 4 new fanarts created by TheFightingMongooses, that feature this time.. Spaceship Bender, Leela in a pink dress and Professor Farnsworth looking like a pimp... did you guess the episode, no? 3 images of course from the Futurama Emmy winning episode "Roswell that ends Well". The last, and featured image is a very cute Leela in a nice looking dress, and the title is: Absolut.

They're Back (Fry & Leela chibi) by Nightmare-from-HellThe other artist today is Nightmare-from-Hell, with 2 neat images she created. The first one is a Leela portrait in a different simpler style, and the other features a chibi version of Fry and Leela, and it was made because of the Series return, so is a nice shippy image. I really like the last image mentioned, because it is a watercolor painting or something similar.. and has a crazy background!

The last stuff added today are 2 photos in the photorama section. The first one was created by FuturamaFreak1 (Freako) with his Xmas card made from one of his fanarts. The second one is very awesome, is the real version of the Lego Fry and Leela that Kaspired created only as a drawing.
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