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by JavieR / May 10, 2011 / 02:15
Hello again people. I've some neat Futurama fan stuff for you tonight, but I'm gonna be kinda fast with this update, because I've to sleep too haha.

I'll like to start with a good artist called TheFightingMongooses, that has created 4 images featuring.. The Clamps, Bender & Elzar, Fry playing Mario Bros... and of course, Super King himself!! Those are really neat images because of the quality and situations, so please visit his fanart page right now.

Doll like Leela by MissFuturamaThe other artist of the day is a girl, she is a miss, she is MissFuturama. I've added 10 new images that feature mostly Leela and Amy. You'll see some neat versions like a gothic Leela, an evil Amy with Bender, Amy and Leela at night (neat art, Amy in the shower, Leela waking up in bed, 2 Amy portraits and a Leela one, Fry with a gun, and finally, featured today, Leela as a doll.

Futurama Tattoo (for Paige) by  Michael BiancoFinally, the last one is a photo of a neat tattoo in the skin of a fan named Paige. The art was created by Michael Bianco, and is now part of the Photorama section. The tattoo is very colorful and with nice detail. Check it out!
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