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by JavieR / July 5, 2011 / 01:24
3D Leela & Bender: Bendin' in the Wind outfits by AlanquestIs time for some Futurama art by the fans for the fans. I would like to start with 9 brand new 3D images created by Alanquest, that feature some neat scenes. You'll see all-angle 3D layouts of Leela, Bender, Fry and even Female Fry from the premiere episode of Season 6b, "Neutopia". Those a really well made 3D molds, and with them he has created other scenes like Bender and Leela in their hippie outfits from "Bendin' in the Wind", Bender carrying Leela and Fry (and sponsoring Slurm), another image of Leela and Bender, the head-in-a-jar of Dr. House and one of Bender with Dr. House's head in his chest.

I've also adsed some fanart. There's one new image/sketch that look very nice, made by Archonix (Graham Dawson) featuring an Alien Leela attaking Fry.

Double Scoop (fry and Bender in the Parade Day parade) by TheFightingMongoosesFinally, to end this update I've added the latest fanart by TheFightingMongooses. He has been very active with 10 new images, featuring 3 photo shoots of the real female characters (Leela, Amy and LaBarbara) from episode "Neutopia", The Robot Devil trying to sing a song to Bender + Ghost Bender sleeping next to fry from the latest episode "Ghost in the Machines", pimp Bender with Aimee (Amy from "The Farnsworth Parabox"), Bender as Titanium Anglesmith, and even a portrait of the Sweet Zombie Jesus mentioned by Professor Farnsworth all the time!
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