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by JavieR / July 6, 2011 / 21:52
6acv19 - Ghost in the Machines: Bender ghost and the Plane Express crewWell, I've read many reviews and points of view from the latest Futurama episode aired this past Thursday, "6acv19 - Ghost in the Machines" .. and I've to say that I'm very surprised with some thoughts people have about the series.

This episode is about Bender again (in screen time), but most importantly, the friendship between Fry and Bender, and how a Human-Robot friendship develops in the Futurama universe. We know Fry and Bender are best friends, but they don't get along in some stuff (like Fry going to a 80° robot strip club or Bender installing a what-room.. bath-what?). Deeply inside they care about each other, and I think this episode shows that more than in any other episode of the series.
Fry realizes that even when he was being haunted by machines (controlled by Bender) he missed one machine only, and that machine was Bender. Hearing this (as a ghost) Bender realizes that Fry truly cares about him (even when Fry said earlier that he prefers to save a human life), and even chose not to kill Fry in order to revive (a deal with the Robot Devil of course).

Outside this touching history, is the the common ghost story that we have seen other times in movies and series, and I think that's true (perhaps not always ncluding a deal with the devil), but it is used to get to the main point: Robot-Human Friendship (focused on Fry and Bender). Some people say that this episode ruined episode "6acv06 - Lethal Inspection" because Bender was supposed to die forever (he was build without a backup unit).. but he (like everyone) didn't know he could return as a ghost in a wireless network.

6acv19 - Ghost in the Machines: Robot Devil trying to singNow, outside all this you'll find many jokes. The Robot Devil is the best character this time because of his occurrences, dialogs and great episode flashbacks: The songs from "1acv09 - Hell is other Robots" and the deal with Fry from "4acv18 - The Devil's hands are idle Playthings".
The Parade Day parade, the Amish world (planet) and Robot Heaven (do not mix with the logical God from "Godfellas") gave us some more interesting facts about the Future in Futurama.
Some great parodies like DeadEx, the Preacherbot as the priest from The Exorcist and Fry's Wikipedia page. The Ghostbusters, "LIFE in Hell" and the Fryday jokes were great.

Now, I think this a good episode wrote by Patrick M. Verrone. Many people judge this episode for a couple of jokes that they didn't like or that are too trendy for Futurama, but don't see the deep story behind. This is the more solid episode of Futurama Season 6B, because it has more true characters and has more old Futurama feeling that some people seem to hold on forever (that is not a bad thing, but I think we should embrace change once in a while).

If you have something to say about my Futurama gibberish, you can write it using the  comment link  below, don't be shy!
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