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by JavieR / July 16, 2011 / 03:19
Fry singing to Leela at the forest by LeenaTime for new fanart people. With the new episodes, I've found some new artist and a lot of neat images. I would like to start the update with a new artist called Leena. She has created some nice traditional fanart, featuring some Leela and Fry shippy images (like the one featured today with Fry singing at Leela with a guitar), Leela as an angel, Bender killing all humans (aka Fry and Leela) and the next image with Leela and Fry as heads-in-a-jar, Leela on the beach, an scene from Leela's dream with Fry, Leela in anime style, Fry comforting Leela from episode "The Sting" and even a rainy image of an adult Lisa Simpson with Fry.

Another artist here again is Sof-Sof with her latest 8 fanarts, featuring some of her usual Fry and Zapp images, one of Leela and Bender (Leender or Bendla... i dunno), Fry advertising Slurm, a Fender (Fry and Bendes but just as friends), and eve 2 images of Female Fry from the episode "Neutopia" from the latest season.

Leela and Amy: New Doctor, new Companions by Gulliver63 Gulliver63 is back around here. I've added 23 of his arts.. yes you read correctly.. 23.. featuring many parodies, like The Crouching Tiger and the Hidden Dragon, Leela Gaga, Turanga Jane vs Leela Jetson, Dr, Who, Star Wars, The Fly (The Fry) and some other classic sci-fi movies. There are also some great alternate universes like the crew as insects or animals (called the metamorphosis), as superheros, Leela in the aquaverse, Leela sopping with her kids, Leela with Fella from deviantART and some other interesting images. You'll have to see all the nice fanart to believe it.

I've to run now, is 2 am around here and I should be sleeping.. or be drinking haha.
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