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by JavieR / September 6, 2011 / 00:34
Anime style Futurama crew by TheFightingMongoosesHi. I'm kinda sleepy because of this space flu, but I didn't want to leave TFP without a fanart update tonight. I've uploaded many neat stuff from the fans, and I wanna start with TheFightingMongooses and 4 of his latest images. All those images feature a neat scene of the newest episodes.. like the Humplings from episode "Yo Leela Leela", the British version of the Planet Express crew from "All the Presidents' Heads", The sweet last moment of the Season finale "Overclockwise" with Fry and Leela reading their fate together, and finally, an art from the upcoming episode "Reincarnation" with the Crew as anime characters (don't forget to watch it this Thu. at 10pm/9c).

Two other artists tonight are:
Alsiza with a nice image featuring Eve Leela in a very neat style that I really liked, specially the loose hair and grainy texture (and is very well censored),
Tastes-Like-Fry has also a new fanart featuring Fry and Leela and the "chain of command" from episode "Amazon Women in the Mood"

The last artist of the night is very well known, she is MissFuturama, and I've added her latest 6 fanart images, and I'm sure all of those are neat arts. One image features Fry with robot Leela from episode "Rebirth", and the other five images with her OC, Fry and Leela's daughter Alice. The situations include Bender babysitting her, Alice waving (B&W), with Bender walking in NNY, Sleeping (a very beautiful scene) and my favorite.. dancing in the rain with Bender and Umbrellas. Please take a look to this amazing images, even when Alice is an OC it looks very well done.
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