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by JavieR / September 23, 2011 / 00:17
Hi people. Planet Express finally arrived to my country, Ecuador and I received the Futurama Monopoly collector's edition sneak peek package from USAopoly. (I don't know why USAopoly hired an intergalactic delivery company to send a package to Earth from Earth =D). It took them some time.. but the delivery was successful!

This package is of course a preview, the monopoly has not been released yes, is on preorder status. Here you go some photos (click the images for a bigger preview of 1920x1080):

Futurama Monopoly: Planet Express box Futurama Monopoly: Golden Bender Token + Resi-Domes + People Hives

As you can see, there's also a very close.. close-up of 3 items that will come with the Futurama Monopoly collector's edition, the Resi-Domes (Houses) and the People Hives (Buildings) and the cherry on top, the exclusive Golden Bender Token. The other exclusive is Leela's Boot token and those are only available if you..

I can say that the Golden Bender Token is very very clool. It looks better than the preview official photo (that many people said it looked kinda creepy) and has a nice weight, suitable for playing the monopoly and have some out-of-this-world fun.

The Resi-Dome and the People-Hive previews are also nicely done. The Resi-Dome is a thinner plastic compared to the People Hive (because the building is higher), but both the figures look great and feel good and smooth in your hands.

There are some other 2 nice extras in the sneak peel package:

Futurama Monopoly: 500 bills with Al Gore Futurama Monopoly: Planet Express package form (edited by javoec)

A sheet of 500 dollar bills from the Futurama Monopoly featuring Al Gore! + An interesting Planet Express delivery (pink) form to corroborate the items of the package (that is also an introduction to the package and some info about it) wrote by Amy Wong! She said it included the Chance and Comm. Chest cards.. but I didn't found any.. what I did found was the Resi-Dome and People Hive instead.(I edited the black and blue parts because iof the D.O.O.P. latest regulations)

Finally, a mini version of the Futurama Monopoly box, that has sadly nothing inside but pure precious oxygen. I'll add a photo later :)

For more information of what will the real Futurama Monopoly will include, please visit this previous post I made:

Preorder it because you only have 1 week left! After that, no exclusive tokens =(
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