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by JavieR / October 31, 2011 / 23:31
Ok, I know I'm a little late tonight, but I had to add a Futurama Halloween update this year too. Last year, we saw some amazing images, and tonight you'll see some more!

I'm going to start with Gulliver63 and his special made fanart for today. The image features a parody of "The Thing" (a scary film from 1982). Zapp as a monster from the movie, hitting on Leela, even when she and the Professor wan to burn him to death. The other image made by him is actually a single page comic called Thing-erama, and features Leela trying to discover who is the alien in another "The Thing" parody.

Happy Halloween 2011 by Gulliver63 Thing-erama (comic) by Gulliver63

The other artist of this evil night is the well known Kaspired. I've added 3 of his great Halloween images, 2 of the featuring Leela as a vampire, that I've to say, it looks very very scary and has great detail (specially the close up image).. the second of those images shows vampire Leela attacking Fry. The third fanart features Amy with a nice/scary concept of her brain turning into a monster!

Vampierama part 1 (Leela vampire close up) by Kaspired Vampierama part 2 (Leela vampire attacks Fry) by Kaspired Amy Thing by Kaspired

Take care, eat a lot of candy and be very scared...
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