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by JavieR / November 30, 2011 / 17:24
Hello people. I can finally update TFP. I've been assembling a new PC, since my 10 year old motherboard died about 11 days ago. I had trouble finding some components... and the HHD drives are now very expensive.. like titanium on the episode "A Head in the Polls".

bender's New Job by Inquisitor-HeinWell, time for the update. I want to start with a new artist here, he is very talented, and perhaps you've seen some of his comics. I'm talking about of course of Inquisitor-Hein. Today, you'll see 15 new comics that he created, some of them are a single image comics that are very good, like Zoidberg + H.P. Lovecraft, the Reset button wth Fry and Leela just getting married, Ulysses and Homer with Leela, Fry and Bender. There are also other more complex comics with great story and some very funny finish, Fry goes Heavy Metal, Professional at Work, Space Battle and Scruffy vs. the Amazonians. All the comics have great style and an amazing detail that you can't miss.

In other stuff, new fanart is also here for everyone to enjoy! The first one is kik0thek1ller with a great sexy lineart image of Leela for all of you to enjoy. 2 very interesting images, one of Fry and other of Leela, showing them from toddlers to adults were created by Tastes-Like-Fry.

Speakeasy (Leela & Fry) by TheFightingMongoosesThe final artist of the day is TheFightingMongooses. I've added his latest 7 fanarts, and I must say that he has created some very nice images. An scene of Leela and Fry adapted to the 50s based in the episode "All the Presidents' Heads", a sad Leela (from Universe 1) returning the diamond scrunchy Fry (from Universe 1) gave her, Fry as James Dean in rebel without a cause (riding a motorcycle), and 2 great themed portraits of Leela, the first holding a sword, and the other in a classic nude pose that looks very good.
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