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by JavieR / July 2, 2012 / 02:50

UPDATE @ 2012-08-02
TVShowsOnDVD.com has information that the exact release date of the Futurama Volume 7 will be on December 11th, 2012

Extras of the DVD / Blu-Ray discs are:
  • Full-length Commentary on All 13 Episodes
  • Bonus Commentary on Episode 7.02, "A Farewell To Arms," by the Animators of Rough Draft Studios
  • Alternate Ending for Episode 7.05, "Zapp Dingbat"
  • Christopher Tyng's Big Score: A Jam Session with Futurama's Innovative Composer
  • Futurama Karaoke: Sing Along with Your Favorite Characters
  • Möbius Trip: Infinite Futurama Screen Loops
  • Too Good For TV: A Smorgasbord of Deleted Scenes

erhaps you've already seen the remake that Futurama volumes 1 to 4 covers are getting, but I bet you've not seen the new cover of the upcoming Season 7 Blu-Ray/DVD discs that I guess will be available on X-mas 2012. Click the images for a bigger preview!

Has you can see, this upcoming volume will feature Dr. John Zoidberg. Our favorite lobster alien is holding the harmless device he used in his first appearance on the Series, episode "1acv02 - The Series had Landed". I really like this one, because of Zoidberg of course, but also because of the neat style they are using.

Also, here you go the new covers of volumes 1 to 4, that will be available on July 17, 2012 at Amazon, since there's no date of the re-release yet:

Futurama Volume 1 Blu-Ray/DVD remake cover - Philip J. Fry Futurama Volume 2 Blu-Ray/DVD remake cover - Morbo
Futurama Volume 3 Blu-Ray/DVD remake cover - Professor Farnsworth Futurama Volume 4 Blu-Ray/DVD remake cover - Amy Wong

I really like them, I'm partial for the Amy one, as an Amyholic + the sexy spacesuit, it is a big plus! The Professor one is also neat because of the awesome colors and the mad scientist pose!

I hope you enjoy, and if you want to support the series, you can buy this re-release volumes with neat new covers, I'm sure those will be released soon!

Source: Homer Bender's Facebook page, TVShowsOnDVD.com & others...
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