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by JavieR / July 24, 2012 / 01:06
Ok. Thanks to the people from DecalGirl, I've received 2 samples of the Futurama skins they have for a very large range of devices, including cellphones, consoles, laptops, tablets, media players and more. I requested a Matte Bender face skin for a Nintendo Wii and a Glossy Hypnotoad skin for a laptop.

DecalGirl Bender face skin promo


The skins came in a big cardboard envelope with an extra cardboard so the skins can't be ruined if folded. Each skin has instructions on how to apply the skin to the device. No issues with that, even when the skins came from USA to Ecuador.

Print Quality

I've to say that the quality of the print is excellent, even when the Bender skin I chose is grey. I really liked the matte finish, because i'm not a fan of glossy skins. No complaints there, nice colors and quality. The grey does look dotted from very close, but it is not noticeable.

Material Quality

It is very flexible but durable. I had to re-install 2 parts of the Wii skin because it was a little off, but I had no problem re-applying the skin.

Applying the Skin on the Nintendo Wii
(click the thumbs for bigger images))

You've to check all the parts of the skin before you apply them. I started with the bigger ones. The instructions mention to start with the little ones, but I wanted to see Bender on the Wii already!)

You've lift the skin part gently from the edges, in case of the front of the Wii, I added the middle first, so it can be centered with the disk slot and buttons.

Bender Face decalgirl Skin - Peeling the front cover Bender Face decalgirl Skin - Applying the front cover

Then I applied the Game Cube control and memory covers. I started from the side where the covers move, and ended in the dented part where you open them. I noticed that the cover doesn't have that dented part, but you can cut it a little or push it in order to fit, since is a flexible material.

And finally, here you go the final result. It looks great in vertical or horizontal position. Now I only wish the Futurama game can be played on the Wii.

Bender Face decalgirl Skin - Wii horizontal fully skinned Bender Face decalgirl Skin - Wii vertical fully skinned

Remember that you can choose many models in the Futurama DecalGirl page, like the Hypnotoad, Fry, Bender, Leela, Planet Express, Slurm (with Slurms McKenzie), Nibbler, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg and more.

I'll add a photo of the real glossy skin soon :)
, but I've no laptop right now to apply it, but don't worry since is a single skin. Bye.
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