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Futurama Character Bios

Here you will find some data and a short description of the main and some secondary Futurama characters. Just click on a character to see the respective bios that will appear below the menu.

Zapp Brannigan

Classification: Male Human
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Earth
Occupation: Captain of the "Nimbus", D.O.O.P. Spaceship
Common phrase: No common phrase
Other features:
Defeated the Killbots.
Always try to get Leela.
Arrogant and Vain.

Zapp is the more famous and decorated officer of the D.O.O.P. (Democratic Order Of Planets), but instead he is stupid and inefficient. He was fired and dishonored of the D.O.O.P because he destroyed the brand new D.O.O.P. headquarters with the Nimbus laser. He always reminds Leela the time she slept with him.

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