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Save Futurama


save futurama 2013 poster


True, Futurama has been cancelled (again). Comedy Central decided not to order new episodes for 2014 and beyond.


We knew something was wrong when Comedy Central didn't announce new 2014 episodes by the end of March, 2013. The last season starts on June 19, 2013. The final episode is scheduled for September 4, 2013.


Apparently, the series are not giving tons of money to Comedy Central. Remember, FOX owns the production rights and Matt Groening has some merchandise revenue. Comedy Central decision seems final, but hey, they revived the series in 2008 with the DVD movies and now they are saying goodbye.

What can we do?

Sign the "Save Futurama" petition

We need to show our support as usual, that's what the creators and cast had ask us to do.

It only takes you a couple of minutes and you're supporting the series!

Believe it or not, the past Futurama petition got over 100,000 signatures, and has been mentioned by Matt Gorening and David X Cohen to show that the fans are very supportive.

Use the #SaveFuturama tag

The social networks are allies we didn't have in 2003. Use the hashtag, mention the cancellation and share the petition:

  • Twitter: Search, post and retweet with the #SaveFuturama tag
  • Facebook: A page created to let more people know about the cancellation

You can also share...


...and let more people know what they can do!

Add this (or any other) badge on your site

Copy and paste the code to add this badge at the top right corner of your website:

You should add it between of the <body>:)</body> tag

Watch, watch, watch Futurama

Keep watching Futurama on Comedy Central and re-runs at your local station. Tell everyone to watch the new final episodes that air this summer!

Big ratings on the final Futurama season are very important to show the support and potential of the series.

Keep buying all the merchandise!

One of the reasons why Futurama returned in 2008 was because of the big DVD sales and all the other glorious merchandise that we the fans bought.

The series have a lot of potential. Action figures (Kidrobot and Toynami), t-shirts, plushies, board games, posters, comics and more are just a few examples.

Don't you stop creating...

Futurama fans have created amazing works of art, inspired by the Futurama world. Don't let all that go away... We can keep the series alive by showing all our love.

If you have a Futurama website, blog, album, ideas, or anything else, keep posting and sharing! That's what the Futurama community did since 2003 until 2008, and that helped the series to comeback!

Check out some "Links of Interest"

What else?

In the meantime, we'll have to wait. If you want, you can help spread the word by using this "Save Futurama" poster:

save futurama 2013 poster

This image was used to let people know about the Cancellation of Futurama. This website does not advocate the cool crime of robbery.

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